Intimacy clinic

We all long for happiness and fulfillment. Desire for fulfilling sexual life is very strong in all of us. We feel that but we try sometimes to suppress the feeling and we substitute it for something else (work, parenthood…)
Sexuality is a field which is still covered by shame and doubts. There is time when you might feel you will solve it all by yourself. It sometimes happens but not every time.

Consultation on topics related to sexuality

I very often hear from my clients:
"You know I have been thinking about coming here for months but I have just decided."
"I feel shame if I speak about sex. It seems weird to speak about it with a stranger."
"You are my last hope, I have been to psychologist and sexologist,
but it didn't help much."


Most of us have some difficulties during our long intimate lives. It might be erectile dysfunction, irregular or painful menstruation, low libido or absence of lubrication which causes you some problems. There are even some typical topics for certain life periods. For young people it might be who and when to initiate sex. For middle age it is how to get over the stereotypes and later in life what to do and how to do that after menopause. There are many more topics but you can be certain that you are not alone who suffers from them. If it limits your pleasure be sure it is important for you.

In case you feel you want to do something about it, here is the answer. One consultation may sometimes help. Not always of course. It depends on individual needs. I believe that we all can experience great sex and not so called “normal sex”. It is not enough. You might guess that great sex needs some skills and knowledge. You are right. You can learn all and everybody can spread his/her potential in the field of giving and taking.

What happens during session?

We need the trust for our common work. We speak together, there is no touch, we are dressed. The only thing we need is openness and frankness. If we want to name and shift what worries us, we need to talk about feelings, doubts and shame.


There might be communication taboo between couple which they cant get over by themselves. Speaking about sex is very important skill though. It helps have the intimate life fulfilled.

I hear couples say:
"We have said here things we haven't known about each other."
"We have named something for the first time here."

There is often a third person who can bring the feeling of trust and no shame zone, which influences the way partners can speak together. Then they can address the things which have never been addressed.

Who is this consultation for?

The consultation is for individuals and for couples. There might be just one from the couple who feels he/she wants to come. Never mind. There might be just the need to name the thing, look at it from a different angle and the changes can start. You are not in a relationship and you want to be ready for the one? It also makes sense to come. My experience tells me if we really want to change something we will be successful in it. We always start from ourselves anyway.

What we talk about?

We will go over your sexual and relationship history, parents influences, childhood models. We will name all which might influence your sexuality and what is connected with the topic you have come with. We might together see a new way how to approach the topic. You will receive a kind of a homework to do. The part of the session is the agreement to send me the feedback.

Consultation - sexuality, intimacy, relationships Most common topics:

  • low desire
  • different need for sex between partners
  • premature ejaculation
  • erectile dysfunction
  • vaginal orgasm
  • boring sex life
  • porn addiction
  • technical problems
  • how to love oral sex
  • how to feel body more
  • etc.

My aim is to support, bring hope and lead you the way your life will be filled with pleasure, openness in sex and in all your relationship.

Consultation - sexuality, intimacy, relationships

Each of us has the right to enjoy and pleasure of the sexual energy.
Yes, you too!

Session of Intimacy clinic - price list

Duration 60 minutes ...  Price: 60 €
Duration 90 minutes ...  Price: 80 €
Date according to agreement (for order use contact page)