Contact data - Brno, Czech Republic

Please, first remember that we do not provide erotic services!

The dates of massages, please book via the e-mail address or by mobile phone +420 775 053 503. In case we don´t answer the phone, we do the massage. Be patient, please, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Booking ahead necessary!

If you want a massage the same day, pleas, contact us by phone-text message or call.
So long as we are providing a massage we cannot control the computer in the same time and read you e-mail.

Notice:  Do not forget to book your date (see The dates of massages)!

We perform the massages in Brno.
We will inform you about the specific place for your massage when ordering.

Contact form:

Notice:  We do not provide erotic services!


Don´t forget to write into the form your mail or phone number.
If you don´t write any of these data there is no chance to get in touch !

The dates of massages

Our team is ready to give you the massage daily. We will kindly inform you about the name of the masseuse or the masseur that will be available for you at the selected time by the ordering.

We provide the massages daily but it is necessary to order beforehand to be sure the date or time you prefer is free. When you make an order, please, tell us your name, type of the massage, the date and preferred hour. Further information after order.

Notice:  The latest start of the massage is at 19:30.

And one more time remember - we do not provide erotic services!