Tantra massages reference

Our references are authentic statements of clients who wrote to us after experiencing the massage. They offer the possibility to have a look into their experience from Tantra massage. They give an idea what feelings and body sensation you can have during the massage. They also bring evidence about the quality of work of the masseuses.

Hello Stella good morning

I just want to say thank you to Monika & You.
Monika was the right Woman for me. She gave me with Love, Respect and Time all her Energy and love with her hands, knowledge, and Spirit. All this was what my Soul, heart and body needed.

One unforgettable experience.


Reference for Intuitive Tantra massage

It was a warm, delicate, intimate, delight-full journey to the heart of my body.
I loved it, Sylva is a gift professional and respectful.


Reference for Divine Tantra massage

I wanted to write a short note to say "Thank you" for the most amazing massage by Veronika. An absolute roller coaster of relaxing and intense pleasure. At times I was almost asleep in a trance, and at times enjoying great pleasure. My sincere thanks for a spectacular experience.



I would like to encourage you to give yourself the gift of tantra massage. I have experience tantra from a number of practitioners but none can compare to the amazing energy that I experienced during my sessions.

In addition, if there is someone in your life that you would like to give a gift of love I would tell you to learn tantra massage. I was fortunate to be able to have two different classes from Stella. Stella is an amazing human being. I enjoyed learning so many things I did not know about a woman. The act of giving tantra massage is an act of love for your partner. It is a method of joining your energy and so with your partner. I'm looking forward to returning to Stella's studio soon.

John G. Ph.D. (USA)


We wanted to say belated thank you to Lucie Luna and Eva for a great massage we received last Monday. We were particularly impressed by their genuine intent to make us feel at ease and welcome, as well as by their skills as therapists. We've left feeling positive, energized and with afterglow that lasted the whole week.

Many thanks,

Julia & Rad

Health elixir for men...

I would like to thank again Lucie for the wonderful hour spent together. Her tenderness and her explications made from my 'first time' a very nice experience.

I am impatient to come back to Brno in order to be able to come again!

Wow, what a nice experience.

Congratulations! Hopefully I can come back soon.


Firstly the apartment is very nice, the bathroom was clean and the temperature was perfect (not cold) for a massage.

I had Tantra massage before so I had an imagination before.

The lady was very kind. Beautiful eyes and soul! I enjoyed her hug so much!

I lost the time and the whole week work stress and just enjoyed the energy all around our bodies! It was wonderful and very difficult to leave...

I am sure if I will be around and have a few free hours I will call you :-)

I wish you all the best for your passion and a lot of guests to experience your professional care!!

with love!


Dear Stella,

I want to thank you for a VERY SPECIAL experience!

I was allowed to be your God and was pleased to accept you as my Goddess.

Something happened between us - a wonderful thing - we swung together on a wave of happiness.

You led and I followed more than pleased.

What you dig to me in that 3 hours... mind blowing... an experience to keep in mind for the rest of my live. You were FANTASTIC.

You're a very special person, I could not say "thank you" in an adequate way.


The word Tantra was running through my mind for quite a while, until I finally decided to give it a try.

On a warm evening in spring I went to Stella for a Tantra massage, not knowing exactly, what I might expect.

I rung the bell, the door was opened and there were such sparkling and open eyes saying, "Hello, be Welcome." That I was sure immediately it is going to be great. And I was right. In the following three hours my body was treated in such a wonderful way, that I was stunned. Right in the beginning with the introduction ritual, where both are still standing, Stella’s attention and presence was heart touching.

And when I was laying after on the massage table, my body was losing all of its tension and everything surrounding me was joining together in my senses, creating an enchanting flow Stella’s delicate hands, the low music, the drops of the warm water beside me. Every time Stella was touching me it was everything in once - soft and tenderly, strong and ascertain, peaceful and unbelievable loving.

Every fibber of my body felt embraced and gratified.

These were three inspiring hours and I was floating home filled up with bliss and happiness.

It was a very exciting experience I am grateful of having it and I wish to everybody, he would have the same one.


I recently was lucky to enjoy Stella’s Tantra massage for the third time, and I have to confess that I am still not able to describe exactly what she did to me (it was for sure greeting- and washing-rituals, use of soft towels, feathers etc, and of course touching the body with very soft and slow strokes, alternatively to some shaking for loosening up the tension, and other sort of things), also I could not tell if the ritual is exactly choreographed or if she responds spontaneously to my reactions: that is because after some time I completely forget about not only my private thoughts and worries, but also my immediate environment. For me personally it is not easy to reach this state, but when it happens I incredibly enjoy this kind of hypnotic situation, when I simultaneously can feel energy waves start to wander up and down inside my body.

This energy seems to have sexual origin, since the massage also includes treatment of the intimate parts of the body, but cannot be compared to the feelings one have during “normal” sexual encounter.

When these wave increases in intensity, they possibly culminate to something which is often named “whole-body-orgasm”, but I would rather describe it as extremely intense and long-lasting ecstasy.

I was really astonished, almost a bit scared when I first experienced it, but Stella had everything under her control and softly led me into quiet waters again.

It should be mentioned that controlled breath rhythm and some kind of meditation seems absolutely essential to reach this kind of ecstasy, but even if one is not so familiar with this (like I am), Stella is so kind to explain everything before and also guides me during the massage.

Afterwards my mind and also my body are relaxed and feel light and easy, but sometimes I could even experience an impact on my soul, where I surprisingly feel some knots opened and barriers broken up: this led me to some really positive long time effects once ago.

But otherwise I also simply enjoy the delightful time and the astounding feelings. Looking forward the next appointment!


First of all I want to thank you for some of the most unbelievable and unforgettable moments in my life. I already have some experience, but I never felt like this before, still not completely knowing what exactly had happened.

But I think that is a part of it - it is not necessary and not really possible to use words for describing it.

In my work and private life it is important to always be on top of everything and having everything under control.

And this few hours showed me how overwhelming it might be to simply breath deeply and let everything flow.


References to Tantra massage individual learning

Reference for Learning Tantra Massage

Awesome experience!!!

While on a business trip in Brno, I decided to learn some Tantra for my wife of 25 years.

I took the 3 x 3 hour course and Stella was able to accommodate my short term busy schedule.

I had feelings of excitement, apprehension, guilt, anxiety, uncertainty. I didn't know anything about the Tantra subculture.

I am a bit conservative and I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. But after the first session, Stella and her staff dispelled all my concerns and I was eager to get to the next session. They are wonderful normal people in a clean, safe and comfortable setting.

They supplied models since I didn't have a partner. Yes ... they were models, they were physically stunning, emotionally supportive and understanding of my needs.

I left the last session with everything I was looking for. I know Tantra and am excited to apply it. I will be taking other courses my next time through Brno. I highly recommend them.

My only regret is that I didn't learn Tantra 25 years ago.

Thank you, Mike

References from workshops

The next part of our references brings statements from men and women who participated at the workshop.

Reference for How to become a great lover

Stella is hugely knowledgeable, empathetic, communicates very well and designs the course exactly for what you need. She’s very open minded and you can talk to her about anything. It’s clear how much she loves her craft & is truly excellent at it. The course is mostly practical, hands on so to speak but she also offers advice on any matters you may have. If you put into practice what she teaches, you will see massive results and have a benefit from a much more fulfilled life in a variety of aspects.

Thank you Stella for a richly rewarding experience.

Peter (Ireland)

Reference for Master your ejaculation

“Stella offered comfort of a mother, confidence of a good teacher and empathy of a therapist.“
“I thoroughly enjoyed my course with her and learned huge amounts in a very short time. I came with not knowing what I would gain but left with lot more than I expected. She combined theories and practices in a great blend. It was never boring and kept me focused all the way.“

“I would recommend it for all.“   A.P.

Reference for How to become a better lover

I am 57 years old now and I participated in several Tantra courses and the reality that through accepting partner’s penis I accept his heart, was for me shocking news. Looking back, it really was like this in my life. Even though I didn’t realise it that time, I really accepted only one man in my life…

Another aspect of the seminar was the possibility to talk openly about Intimate life and penis and ask the lecturer about her opinion and others as well.It is taboo in real life to speak about these topics but it doesn’t mean we don’t have problems… On the contrary…

If I am not satisfied in the intimate life I not only don’t get the joy and life energy but it also transfers into other parts of my life - so to understand this it is really worth it…

Dear Stella I am really grateful to you decided to bring light into not only very sensitive part of our life but also very important one…

I cordially thank you

Zuzana, Bratislava

Reference for How to become a better lover

I am so grateful for your great and useful variation of massages.

My boyfriend was really excited. He said: WOW! Is that possible???

I feel him much, much more, I found out his individual needs. It is great, lot of joy and connection in pure love...

Paula, Vienna