Tantra massage

Which massage to choose?

We offer 3 types of Tantra massage:

The first type are classical Tantra massages spread in Czech Tantra saloons. They have the water named according the difference length (drop, spring, river, sea, ocean). All of them except Tantra drop include whole body massage with intimate parts. We us ehot sponges, different material to caress the body, massage without and with oil starting with ritual in standing.

The second type is Divine Tantra massage-our speciality. We use only hands here. It consists of ritual and massage of all part of the body including genitals. You can connect with your inner divinity.

The third type is Tantra intuitive massage. It is always different since there is no structure and intuition of masseuse is used her. It is the top of massage when masseuse can use all her knowledge from other disciplines as well. Intimate parts are included.

Generelly there is a rule, the longer the massage the more relaxing.

Extraordinary inner experience

This ritual massage is honouring the human being; it is the appreciation of God inside each of us.

We work with sexual energy during the massage, which is the biggest part of our life energy. This massage is not only sensual but also energizing and healing. Loving touch enriches body, mind and spirit.

The energy is first built in the body and then it is spread with strokes to the whole body. This energy can heal, open our blockades, which are inside the body and it also brings bliss and joy. Our aim is to let you experience this energy from different points of view. During the ritual we also use techniques from Tao massage where we work with conscious breath and the client has the possibility to keep the sexual energy inside the body. This experience can be felt as a very gentle one, bringing inner vibration or on the contrary as a strongly explosive one depending on the inner state of the client. For all definitely unforgettable.

The masseuse or masseur is in her or his full attention and becomes the guide of your inner experience. The massage is the way how to learn to approach your body with love and honour. All what is happening is right, there is no aim… just all let go. Leave behind any expectations and comparison, be present, let yourself feel and discover new horizons.

Kenneth Stubbs, foremost an American Tantra masseur, writer and therapist says: „Massage is the language without words, it is time out of time, it is a song which is celebration, it is a dance of energy, it is a dance of love.“

May the present moment leads you into this world of bliss.

Tantra massage for women

In Tantric tradition a women is highly honoured for her power to initiate. Each woman is seen as embodiment of Goddess and sensuality and she is the holder of the sexual energy and creativity.

This massage is a sensual ritual, which will lead you to your inner feelings and to your inner world using gentle, sensitive way, slow and caressing touch. This massage will never go across your set borders and can or doesn´t have to include massage of yoni. The whole body relaxes and your inner energy becomes gentler… According to your wish you can choose a sensitive hands of a masseuse or loving hands of a masseur. Repeated Tantra massage has a healing effect and cumulated stress in your genitals is dissolved. There is an increase of sensitivity of the body and it leads to orgasmic feelings not only in yoni itself but in the whole body.

Vaginal mapping

Except Tantra massages we offer also healing massages like Vaginal mapping. This gentle and conscious massage of female genitals is an intensive healing process. It is a slow and very sensitive way. The points in the vagina get rid of pain, tension and some part wake up from the sleep and the aliveness is brought to the whole pelvic floor step by step.

... detail information on the site dedicated to Vaginal mapping.

Tantra massage for men

The massage for men brings the increasing excitement in the body. There is first the relaxation of the whole body, which is important for the sexual energy to be able to flow without blockades into the whole body. Energy from genitals is spread with the special strokes of the masseuse and brings different feelings from those men usually experience during the sexual intercourse. Conscious breath, which is part of this massage, brings feelings of the whole-body orgasm and when the massage is repeated men can experience the altered state of consciousness.

Tantra sessions – individual for men or for couples

Tantra sessions are for those who want to go further behind just tasting Tantra massage. We work there together, you are not only a passive client but you are becoming a Tantra partner.

We do breathing exercises together, we meditate and do rituals.

It is the work with the body and emotions. You go further and closer to yourself…

Tantra becomes this way a part of your life.

The certain emotional openness and frank feelings are needed during the sessions.

It is also the path of personal responsibility.

Tantra tries to lead you to consciousness of inner leading than telling you what to feel, how to behave and how to be.

What Tantra sessions bring:

  • You will learn to accept and love your own body and the whole being,
  • You will get to know yourself,
  • You will open to higher level of intimacy which could be used in your personal relationships,
  • You will learn to be here and now,
  • You will open your senses and become more sensual,
  • You will be more conscious of your sexuality, your whole body and whole life,
  • You will become more sensitive,
  • You will become more joyful and playful,
  • You will become more free...

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