Sexological bodywork

What is Sexological Bodywork?

Sexological bodywork (SB) is practical learning process with healing effect during which ecstatic and erotic states open in the body through the deep experience. It is the way to recover sexual power. SB offers possibility to work with physical experience and feelings of excitement directly. It is a chance to spread nonverbal communication in a couple, to create more intimacy or to work on feelings like shame and guilt.

Sexological bodywork brings creative and conscious approach to masturbation. It changes approach to your own body and life. It leads a client to a higher ability to reach orgasm or erection. It helps to get rid of misuse of porn. SB gets client more into inner space, he or she can feel the body and learn to spread the pleasure. It is a process of discovery which leads to self love and self acceptance. The session is always prepared individually to client's needs and preferences.

Sexological bodywork brings extra services to the work of sexologist, psychologist and doctors. It is highly practical work in comparison to the professions mentioned above. It uses direct touch on the body. The body carries a lot of trauma which is stored inside and then it is feels either kind of dull, insensitive. The body stops reacting due to this, it creates blocks on physical and energetic level. It feels like disconnection, kind of a black hole in the place of genitals.

During the session the sexual energy rises to be used for healing, pleasure, transformation. The body learns to receive pleasure again, to react, to open to the touch, to be ecstatic.

Main techniques of SB are:

  • breath excercices
  • conscious touch focused on the whole body, mainly on the genitals
  • orgasmic yoga-self-pleasuring
  • Tao erotic massage
  • work with pelvic floor
  • mapping sensitivity
  • vaginal mapping for women
  • techniques for couples (in case you come in a couple)
  • intimate massage learning…

Several reasons to come to SB session

- Have you stopped having pleasure from your sexual live? You are not able to reach orgasm?

Methods of SB you can restart your sensitivity in genitals and have more positive feelings.

- Do you suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction?

Specific training of breath and other techniques you can learn to regulate your ejaculation. You will relax all your body and fill your genitals with blood. Work with pelvic floor increases the possibility of erection. If you have any physical handicap we will offer you techniques which bring pleasure and satisfaction.

- Do you have newly born baby and your sex life is not satifying?
  Do you need to get over this difficult period?

You can learn methods for couple to bring back intimacy and closeness.

- Do you feel tension and pain in the pelvis?

You can get rid of tension and bring back alivness whre you stopped feeling. Learn to relax do you want to have positive approach to your body and eccept and love yourserf? The first sighn of self-love is start touching yourself. We will teach the way to feel it pleasant.

- Do you live in longterm relationship and do you use the same stereotype?

Techniques for couples can help you enrich and make your intimate life alive again. You will learn how to create intimacy which will satisfy both of you. Do you belong to those who like giving and don't know the art of receiving? Learn the art of giving and receiving. These both bring fulfillness and happiness.

- Do you have traumatic experience in the field of sexuality?

Direct work with the body in safe place brings release and healing. Your body can feel again!

- Do you have the feeling of shame and guilt?

During the session can start healing process during which these feeling are processed and also other negative emotions.

- Do you feel you don't use fully your orgasmic potential?

Orgasmic potential can be expanded during the conscious bodywork. We can even feel something which is beyond our imagination.

- Do you want to connect your genitals with your heart?
  Do you want to give your sexuality different dimension?

Sexuality and spirituality are not devided. We can connect with something higher than us through our body. Learn to make love as meditation. Be fully present and enjoy your body!

Our team:

Team consists of certified sexological bodyworkers who give you full professional support in your process. Stella, Jana, Lucie are looking forward to working with you.


We work with individuals, men and women, couples and groups of any sexual orientation and age. We create the session always according to your individual needs. The length of one sb session is normally 2 hours or it might be longer. Upon the wish of the client.

About the session

The intention is set at the beginning fo the session. If the client come regularly the home practices are discussed. If we want to change your stereotype we need to have a big emphasize is on home practices. The main part of the session is bodywork (80% of time).


Client is naked during most part of the session. There is also a possibility to have session fully dressed if it is needed for a client. Bodyworker always works dressed. The touch is always oneway from bodyworker to client. If the client asks for no touch from the bodyworker it is also possible. The client is led only orally.

The bodyworker can suggest certain technique to the client which he/she considers important from the point of intention, but the client himself/herself decides what the content of the session will be like.

The bodyworker respects the client's borders and creates the safe space. Client respects the borders of bodyworker. No other then professional relation is created between the client and bodyworker during the session. Bodyworker uses professional gloves on intimate places.

Who is Sexological Bodywork suitable for?

Client must be over 18. It si suitable for women, men, couples. It is suitable for those who decided actively to change their intimate life actively and want to work with their biggest power-sexual energy. This power can fully express itself not only in sexuality but in other parts of your life.

Session of Sexological Bodywork - price

Price: 2 600 CZK / 90 minutes..... individual lesson
3 600 CZK / 2 hours ..... for couples
Date: according to agreement (for order use contact data)