How to become a great lover

an individual workshop for men

The workshop offers individual approach into the topic of intimacy and focuses on the need of a client. The atmosphere of the workshop is friendly, sensitive, open minded. You will soon feel very comfortable.

This individual workshop shows that being a great lover is not something unreachable. With conscious touch, being in present moment and applying theory in practice, you can be a man women long for.

This workshop is prepared for a man who wants to understand female body more and want to get theoretical and practical skills on the whole female body including genitals.

The approach I use is a combination of tantra approach with modern knowledge from sexuology.

You will get deep knowledge about female genitals, orgasm, G point and you will get basic principles of oral sex. The most important part is the massage of genitals using different type of a touch.

become a great lover

What you learn?

  • What lover women log for
  • Difference between female and male body
  • What conscious touch is
  • How breath is important
  • What to avoid and what to use
  • How to prepare a female body for lovemaking
  • Female genital anatomy
  • How to touch yoni

You will learn structure of massage which a great love can include into sexual play or use it as a present for your girl if she is not in the mood of lovemaking.

My individual workshop combines theory and practice on real model.
It is divided into two parts, each is 4 hours long.

Theory takes about one hour in each part and the rest is practice with a model. The model is a woman who is there to give you the feedback while you practice.

Workshop can be done with your own partner who can be a model for you, or if you don’t have a partner, I supply a model.

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Stella is hugely knowledgeable, empathetic, communicates very well and designs the course exactly for what you need. She’s very open minded and you can talk to her about anything. It’s clear how much she loves her craft & is truly excellent at it. The course is mostly practical, hands on so to speak but she also offers advice on any matters you may have. If you put into practice what she teaches, you will see massive results and have a benefit from a much more fulfilled life in a variety of aspects.

Thank you Stella for a richly rewarding experience.

Peter (Ireland)

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How to become a great lover - individual course

Duration:  8 hours (individual lesson)
Price:  560 € (price is final if you bring your own model, otherwise it will increase by 50 € = 610 € total) 
Date:  according to agreement (contact me)

Stella is the experienced tantra teacher, who has changed intimate lives of many men and women.
She speaks very good English.