Master your ejaculation

individual course

Learn techniques which can help you to master your ejaculation.

Do you want to last longer?
Do you want to have ejaculation under control?
Do you want to feel free and decide if you ejaculate or not?

6 hours of great learning - divided either in two parts in 2 days (I recommend this)
or 1 day long session (for a very busy man)

You will learn and practice the complete box of tools during the course.
You will get these tools for home practice.
You will have the support of the teacher.
You will get confidence in what you do.

techniques to master your ejaculation

What can you expect?

  • professional approach
  • great skill of teaching style
  • friendly and easy going approach
  • explanation of every detail of work
  • natural mastering your body without
    any medication
  • lots of practice

What you learn?

  • techniques for relaxation of the body and mind
  • masturbation techniques
  • breath techniques
  • how to get more confidence
  • working with arousal
  • reading the body signals
  • PC muscles work out
  • techniques to stop ejaculation

Who is Stella?

  • experienced teacher of conscious sexuality and sexological bodyworker
  • founder of Divine Tantra studio

Master your ejaculation - individual course

Duration:  6 hours (either divided in two parts in 2 days or 1 day long session)
Price:  480 €
Date:  Book weeks in advance to get your spot!!!
  If you appear in Brno without booking, you can try to contact us anyway. :-)

Stella is the experienced tantra teacher, who has changed intimate lives of many men and women.
She speaks very good English.

Read the reference:

“Stella offered comfort of a mother, confidence of a good teacher and empathy of a therapist.“
“I thoroughly enjoyed my course with her and learned huge amounts in a very short time. I came with not knowing what I would gain but left with lot more than I expected. She combined theories and practices in a great blend. It was never boring and kept me focused all the way.“

“I would recommend it for all.“   A.P.

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