Vaginal mapping

technique for women, which really works

It is a gentle, conscious, acupressure massage of the vagina. It is a slow and a very sensitive process during which certain points in vagina get rid of pain, tension. Some places awake from sleeping and the whole pelvic area is awaken step by step.

The receiving woman is in contact with the place through her breath and voice and she expresses the feelings which the place releases. The process is unique for each woman. Certain emotions might appear like crying, anger, sadness... The woman can express these feelings fully but she is not led to go through that moment again. Emotion goes through the body and it is supported to let go. The body releases tension and energy blocks this way. These negative emotions stuck in the body block the feeling of aliveness.

Woman often have physical feelings eg. insensitivy of the place or the pain but also she might have pleasant feelings too.

If the place is not alive, or it is painful, it is activated by the pressure or massage till the change happens. It has the chance to get alive, to awake.

A woman herself often feels the release of the tension on the physical level in the tissue . The woman pays full attention to the place. She gets to the contact with her vagina this way and she can start feeling it fully as her part again.

The receiving woman sets the speed of the mapping, the length of the touch on the certain place and intensiveness of pressure. Depending on that individual speed, some women can awake only 2-3 points, the others 7-10 points during the session. Nothing is better or worse. It is only the woman who knows the right lenghts needed for the certain point.

What happens during the mapping is called disarmouring. This armouring in the vagina was created by certain moments in the life of the women. It might have been useful to protect the woman against the pain during some situations.

We can imagine it as a kind of shell which is not useful anymore. It still stays in the body of a woman and it becomes a barrier for her to live her sexuality fully and with pleasure. Getting rid of this armour…step by step the woman connects again with her female power, sensitivity and sexuality.

For getting to the permanent condition it is recommended minimum of 3 sessions. Number of the sessions is individual.