Tantra massages, Brno - Czech Republic

Divine Tanta is a professional Tantra studio ready to guide you in the world of loving and conscious touch to your inner experience. Celebrate your body, discover your sensuality and give yourself a gift of a wholesome care of your soul and body. If you need to heal, we offer you the sensitive approach of the massage, which dissolves the blocks in your genitals step by step. You can enjoy again your sensual energy of your awaken lingam or yoni. If you want to discover the technique of the Tantra massage you can learn it in our courses. We recommend it especially to couples to enrich their sexual life and to get rid of the stereotype. Tantra sessions are the possibility to integrate Tantra in your life in the form of regular exercises. Courses for women bring the practical manual how to improve your love art and accept the male genitals with love.

Notice:  We do not provide erotic services!

The dates of Tantra massages

Divine Tantra is ready to give you the massage daily, weekends and public holidays inclusive. Even if we provide the massages daily, it is necessary to order beforehand to be sure the date or time you prefer is free. We will kindly inform you about the name of the masseuse or the masseur that will be available for you at the selected time by the ordering (for more see contact).

Notice:  The latest start of the massage is at 19:30!

New individual course - in person or online

Tantra - the art of spiritual sexuality

Tantra is an eastern spiritual system but it is not a religion. Sexuality and spirituality are in balance. A body is sacred, honoured because God lives there. Sexuality is the basic source of the mental health. Tantra sex is sacred and goes even further than western idea of sex. It is the whole-body and spiritual experience. Energy is focused on the genitals and then to the whole body, which vibrates with pleasure. Tantra invites you to leave all systems or beliefs behind and to discover oneness with the universe through the inner experience. It offers to break taboo; it is the most revolutionary spiritual learning. Tantra means a total surrender, letting go all mental emotional and cultural barriers.

The essence of Tantra learning is: Everything is ok the way it is. Nothing is wrong or right. The focus of Tantra is not to judge but to be happy. Anybody can practise Tantra regardless the age, education and religion.

The word Tantra means broaden consciousness and its liberation or as well connection of all what exists.

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Tantra has two main paths known as the path of the right and the left hand. The path of the left hand combines sexual life with yoga in the aim to awake the supressed centres of energy. The way of the right hand practises Tantra without a sexual act. Today the path of left handed Tantra is spread in the west, often called Neotantra, which connects spirituality and it is the reduction of original learning.

Tantra works with our emotions and breath. When we leave our stereotypes then universal energy can flow through us as a river without any effort. Our heart opens and we feel happy, secure and deeply loved. We feel strong, self-confident and alive in this state. A life is not a struggle! Tantra celebrates a life, it is a cult of sexual and spiritual ecstasy! It encourages to use the sexual energy to achieve the oneness with divine. Tantra welcomes the total expression of the body pleasure. When we are conscious to our body and breath we can be conscious to universe. Tantra offers the tool how to change the fear and the bound into love and universal strength. Negative emotions such as jealousy, possession, guilt, which restrain our flow of energy, are left away step by step… It is a conscious approach to life here and now. Tantra teaches to name emotions and desire. Tantra is about accepting. It cultivates the senses to a degree, that we can distinguish the total spectrum of sexual strength and we can use it for our health and spiritual growth.

Tantra is close to the spiritual Tao system in a way that it also uses the sexual energy to spiritual purposes. Tao leads to keeping the sexual energy in the body and is focused on using this energy to prolong the life and to improve health, Tantra says that everything what happens is ok…